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Sunday, July 29, 2012


                                                My wife found another man.
The night she told me,

Having waited
For just the right moment,

But it wasn’t the right moment
For me.  I felt bashed

And assaulted.  Mugged.
Dying would have been easier.

It was as though I’d been pressed in a winch
By a wench, until no air was left within.

Months passed.  I survived.
Understanding would take longer.

Two years later she wanted to return,
I no longer wanted her.

I was coming off a fill-in relationship
So filled with sex, I lost my virginity again.

My lover was a young mother
Rocked by her own divorce,

Remarkably kind and giving.
She gave me such tender attention

The gaping hole in me
Stopped throbbing.

I doubt we had a clue as to
What we were really doing.

We were both too bruised and needy
To create a sound place to stand.

We mistook physical comfort
For solid ground, but at least

This was our moment, our 15 rounders
Were over, we could leave the rings behind.

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