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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Watercolor by Pat Morgan

Womb of wisdom,
Birthplace of sympathy,
Teacher of tenacity
And tenderness,
Parent of prudence.

Look with approval -
I feel worthwhile,
Smile. I feel whole.
Your face is
My weathervane.

Man gives muscle
To champion a just cause,
But my real strength,
To act with restraint,
Is Your girding gift.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Life is mostly mental,
Surprisingly, so is war
Train your mind like a Marine
You’ll accomplish so much more.

You’ll never think it can’t be done
Not if you’re a Marine,
Success will surely follow you
If you paint a victory scene.

A good plan now is better than
A great plan arriving later,
Marines refuse to hesitate
For swiftness is a facilitator.

A Marine’s guiding rule in combat:
Assess, adjust and act,
Things change at the speed of sound
Flexibility’s their winning tact.

If you treat life like a Marine
Your credo’s a winning one
Living by “Semper Fi,”
You’re “faithful” ‘til life is done.

(Happy Birthday - U.S. Marine Corps
Born - November 10, 1775)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


On the eighth day,
Having rested,
Returning to view
All he created,
The spirit hovered
Over the water
Looking for
What still needed
To be done.
The seas said,
“I am deep,
 I am wide
Mighty and strong
Like the spring tide,”
So he continued on
To the dry land.
“Are you in need?”
He asked.  “No,
I am quite fine,
contoured hills,
A perfect design,”
So he moved on
Until he came
upon a garden,
Lush and green,
Home of man.

 The spirit inquired,
“Adam, are you in need?”
Shivering in the morning chill,
Adam said, “I have no fangs
For defense, nor
Legs fast enough
To run away.
I do not know
If I will last another day.
Am I your mistake?”
The spirit,
Took pity and said,
“You must survive
On your own,
But you are never alone.
An angel will always be
By your side,
To gird you up
Or lengthen your stride.
Rally or run,
It will be your choice,
But if you listen
To that inner voice,
That will be me.”
The evening of the eighth day
The spirit decided he
Had accomplished
All he had set out to do.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


                                    Mother said to me, “Lay down your arms.”
Father quickly added, “Wait until they do.”

“Someone must go first.”
Father warned “Make them sign a treaty.”

Mother looked wistful, “Words are only as good
As the honor of the men who say them.”
“Maybe so, always watch your rear.”

“Peace is more than an end to war; it’s a state of mind,
A place where you can live and raise your children.”
Father laughed, “But keep your powder dry.”

In a gentle voice, Mother added,
“It’s really quite simple.  Do not kill your neighbor.”
“Only if he’ll agree not to kill you,” Father snapped.

Her face showed distress.
He touched her cheek.
She smiled, then looked at me.

“Do you understand?”
“Yes. Bless you both.”
“And you.”
“And you.”

Saturday, September 3, 2011


My name is Sam seagull.
No, I’m not Jewish.
That’s a joke.
Where’s your sense of humor?
It was funny to my bird brain.
Yes, I’m a bird, baron of the beach.
All claims to clams and mussels are mine.
Try to take one and I’ll break your eardrum.
I live high on the hog all summer,
Winter too.
No, I don’t go south.
That’s those other Siegel’s.