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Friday, April 22, 2011


I never made peace with my father
Though we were never at war.
Mostly between us, silence and space.
I wish I had admired him more.

At sixteen he joined the army
Trained to be in World War I
Too young, he never saw action
I wish I were an admiring son.

He moved east to New York City,
Young, handsome and slim,
Worked hard and courted my mother.
So why didn’t I admire him.

Mom saved his old love letters
He had won her by making a vow,
Promised to love her forever.
Too late.  I admire him now.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I study the covers
Of the books on the shelf,
Thin, thick, red, yellow
They call out:
Read me,     
Love me,
Learn from me.
Their pleas ring
Like a school bell
In my head.

Choosing one
Feels like a marriage.
What if a book
With a clever title
And colorful cover
Has less meaning
Than one with no name,
But life changing content.
I search for such
A selfless book.

Unable to restrain myself,             
My collection multiplies
I read, resolve, return
Them to the shelf.
When I’m done with one,
I go to bed with another.
My eyelids grow heavy
As I get involved
By beautiful book.