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Saturday, December 17, 2011


I remember as a kid,
Each December, Grandpa told Stories from his childhood )>
When Chanukah was a simple holiday.
Lighting candles, one the first night, two the second, one more )>
Each night until all eight burned so bright,
The bronze menorah ablaze in light.  Prayers sung, stories told, )>  
Old ones by the adults,
New ones by anxious kids finally old enough to take a turn. Songs )>
And clapping filled the air, Chilly to save coal.
There were no gifts, no little toys for the children, just gratitude being together. )>
They’d watch the thin candles
Burn down, wax melting, dripping, pooling on the table.  First time )>
We celebrated without him, my father
Cried softly as he retold Grandpa’s Sherman’s Chanukah stories. )>
For many years he continued
The tradition adding memories of his own. My own eyes are wet, )>
My heart so full as
I tell you these stories, my Grandpa’s stories, your Grandpa’s, )>
Stories that will go
On and on.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Some writers hope
To make a living
From their writing.
I seek immortality.

My writing
Will likely be forgotten
In a garden lily’s lifetime.
My hope is
Publishing my poetry will
Inspire my daughters to dream,
Conceive their own books,
Books better written than mine
Remembered for successive seasons
Inspiring their children
To write wonderful books,
Maybe one
Will become a classic,
A book never forgotten.

Inside that book a dedication
To my grandfather
Who wrote poetry
And I
Will have gained
My writer’s immortality.