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Monday, November 28, 2011


My morning walk, so important to me,
Alone with the dark as comfort,
Mondays always into town
Passing poorly maintained
Row houses, then
Without announcement,
Chained to a paint chipped porch,
Two old rusted bikes grab my attention,
Token-less transportation
Better than walking to work.

Inside the journeymen sleep
Dreaming their wishful fantasies,
At best, a kaleidoscopic future.
I understand so little of their lives,
How they survive, feed their children,
Save for a kitchen table or toaster oven.
I’m outside, but I know in my head, I
Need them, their youth, energy, optimism.
They need me too, to pay cash and
Not abuse their delicate dreams.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Watercolor by Pat Morgan

Before I was born,
I lived in my mother. 
The sages say,
I was taught wisdom there,
But when I left
The sanctuary of my mother,
I forgot all I had learned. 
Parents and teachers
Do not teach us, as much as
Help us remember. 
Once, in a dream, I recalled
The way it was in the womb:
Warm, cultured, all needs met.
Now I’m awake, I wouldn’t,
Not even if I could,
Go back to Eden.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sitting silently
In the viewing gallery
Staring at a wall filled with
Family pictures of faces lost,
Each different, but the same
Sharing a common fate,
A fellow standing near me
Saw my wet cheek,
“Did you lose someone up there?”
I knew none of them,
I knew none who had lost one of them,
I was equally unrelated to all of them.
Did I lose someone up there?
I lost them all.
My voice failed,
I had no reply.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I live in a house
Of my own design
With windows and mirrors
Made of glass;
Through my windows
I see people walking,
In my mirrors
I see only myself.
The difference between
A window and a mirror
Is a thin layer of silver;
I lose a piece of myself
Every time I let silver
Come between me and
Seeing other people.