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Saturday, September 10, 2011


                                    Mother said to me, “Lay down your arms.”
Father quickly added, “Wait until they do.”

“Someone must go first.”
Father warned “Make them sign a treaty.”

Mother looked wistful, “Words are only as good
As the honor of the men who say them.”
“Maybe so, always watch your rear.”

“Peace is more than an end to war; it’s a state of mind,
A place where you can live and raise your children.”
Father laughed, “But keep your powder dry.”

In a gentle voice, Mother added,
“It’s really quite simple.  Do not kill your neighbor.”
“Only if he’ll agree not to kill you,” Father snapped.

Her face showed distress.
He touched her cheek.
She smiled, then looked at me.

“Do you understand?”
“Yes. Bless you both.”
“And you.”
“And you.”

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