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Sunday, July 22, 2012


                                    Erwin carried himself with gentle dignity,
An unobtrusive figure,
What he lacked in height,
He made-up in stature.

His spirit, like breath on a frosty day,
Rose above the crowd,
Even Hitler couldn’t diminish
The sparkle in his eyes,

He could lift with his wise words,
Inspire by the sincerity of his deeds,
Warm with his inner glow,
Light a fire by the intensity of his moral stand.

His convictions were vertical like girders,
Yet he lived with his feet touching the ground.
He loved his wife, children, community;
Also sand and sea, the beauty of nature.

He knew no other way to be, no other deeds to do,
No other words to say, no lessor love to feel.
His life, like a shooting star lighting the darkness,
Left a sweet, lingering afterglow.

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