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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Opposite me sitting in the Wall Street Café                           
Two men wearing crisp, blue New York City police uniforms,
Chests covered in brilliant badges and awards,
Hats and walkie-talkies strewn on their table
Paying devoted attention to their smart phones,
Playing games, Men at War or Urban Combat,
Comparing their virtual victories,
Not paying noticeable attention to the patrons
When a pair of rogues walked in and
Looked the place over

From the cash register in front

To the exit sign on the back wall.

Their eyes stopped roving
When they reached the men
In crisp blue uniforms.
They turned to each other
And without speaking, left
Through the door they had come in.
After five minutes, the officers finished
Their games, bought coffee to go
And having done their duty, 

Departed through the same door.

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