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Monday, March 28, 2011


It came to me
In the middle of the night,
I would save them.
At morning light
I’d run along the water’s edge
Frightening the gulls away.
Each time they’d land,
I’d charge at them again.
They’d shriek about
The injustice of it, but
I’d be deaf to their grievance.

The clams and crabs
Washed up on the beach this morning
Will not become bird breakfast.
They’ll live one more day
Because of me.
If I save hundreds of them,
It’d be like giving one of them
Another year to live.

The plan was perfect,
Magnificent even.
My soul was smiling
As I waited for dawn.
Lying awake for hours
At 5 a.m. my eyes closed.

I was drowning in daylight
As I awoke.  I’d be too late
To save them.
My dream soured,
My soul no longer smiling,
I hope they forgive me.

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