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Sunday, October 14, 2012


I spent a lifetime
Looking for my mother’s smile.
I picture a toddler crawling into a room,
His mother sees him and
Her eyes light up, a smile erupts.
It’s spontaneous, but
I’m not him and that’s
Not my mother.

Mine held me lightly on her lap
So I wouldn’t crush her ruffled dress.
Other times, my dirty hands and face
Were kept at a distance,
So was the rest of me.
It’s hard to love yourself
When the part of you called mother
Loves best from behind a wall.                          

Her outstretched arms
May not have been
Long enough
To cross the open space
Between us,
But her smile could have
Had she been willing.                       
Had she been able.

Now she’s gone and
The distance between us
Is even greater, so
I picture in my mind
Her smiling at me
With an approving nod.
I know I’m lying to myself,
But it’s a good lie.

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