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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Watercolor by Pat Morgan

A widower with no children,
Meets and marries my mother
Becoming her constant, devoted companion.
We become his children and grandchildren.

His brother’s family resents
Being displaced, no longer
Beneficiaries of his warmth
And string-tied boxes of baked goods.

Who will remember David?

My children delight in his company,
The only grandfather they know.
They grow up and if they think of him,
They don’t say.

Confused, he calls me looking for my mother,
Unaware she’s home and he’s
Dying in a veteran’s hospital.
He is cremated, ashes scattered.

Who will remember David?

My mother continues living
In the condominium they shared,
When she dies at ninety
We bury her next to my father.

But who will remember David?


  1. I remember him with his Sergio Valente jeans and warm smile. I remember him calling my Grandmother Princess and treating her as such. I remember him as a great and loving Grandfather.

  2. What a wonderful, albeit somewhat sad, tribute to a man who sounds respected and respectful, gracious and grateful, full of love and loved.