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Sunday, April 22, 2012


                                                All my life
I have celebrated
July, my birth month.
Now, I realize,
I should have reveled
In October with its potbellied
Pumpkins and chilly nights.

I imagine one evening,
My mother climbed the stairs
To her bedroom,
Shed her day clothes,
Donned a soft blue nightgown
Studied her face in the mirror, sighed
Over new lines above her brow
And slid into her side of the bed
She shared with my father.

He was not asleep
Although probably tired
From working late at the store.
Maybe simply to subdue
The feel of autumn in the air,
They came together
And were warm in each other's arms.
Something spectacular happened
That, months later, they would try to recall
What night this was.

That was my night.
I can’t conceive
A more important time,
Greater even than my birthday,
That October night
And those magnificent moments
Of parental embrace.

Fireworks and canon volley,
Tell the world.

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