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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I explored my neighbor’s backyard
Though he told me to stay out.
I found an abandoned refrigerator,
A treasure chest calling to me.
I knew I shouldn’t, but I climbed in.
I could just fit with my arms by my sides.
Would I still fit if I pulled the door closed? 
I tried and heard a distinct click. 
The blackness was absolute. 
I couldn’t even see the door.  
I pushed with all my might. Nothing.
I hated that door. My mind leaped to panic.
I pounded with my fists.  Pain made me stop.
I hollered for help ‘til I was hoarse.
Total silence.
Then, a click.
The door flew open.
He pulled on my shirt with one hand 'til
I was dangling above the refrigerator,
Slapped me hard with his other hand and
Told me to get out of his yard.
I cried running home.
I smelled of my own piss.
He saved me.
Why wasn’t he happy?

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