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Sunday, July 24, 2011


She was German granite
Chiseled into a five foot cylinder,
Thick fingers that grasped
You in a handshake
Full of strength and lift.
In her sixth grade classroom
The morning schedule was
As dependable as sunrise.
Only a Russian atomic attack
Could postpone morning reading at 9.
In her mind reading was fundamental
Years before others called it so.
I struggled with it, but
My strength was arithmetic at 10.
For world geography at 11, each country
Had its own page in our notebooks.
She liked a tiny drawing I did for Brazil
And wrote “Good” in red on my page.
I was elated.
We memorized poetry,
Longfellow’s “Ride of Paul Revere”
And Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.”
Somehow she made it all achievable.
She understood how much
Simple rewards, words or gold stars,
Could mean to a nascent pupil.
I was eleven, less than a larva.  
I surrendered to her and
Thrived in her care.
There was comfort in her ways
And her dependable routine
With its impregnable order.
I knew exactly what I’d be doing at 10 a.m.
It was 6th grade.  I was her child for the year.
She was my gold star teacher
Teaching me to fly. 

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