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Saturday, September 22, 2012


                                   Paramecium do not write poetry,
Rhesus monkeys recite no clever rhymes,
Neither knows much about alliteration,
At least they don’t cheat or commit crimes.

They may not care about poetic license,
Nor ability to compose loving verse,
They only do what nature has written,
They don’t debate if it’s a blessing or curse.

We preach the glories of the Ten Commandments.
Still, we grope and gossip at an awful cost,
We bare false witness and covet our neighbors,
But at least we delight in Shakespeare and Frost.

If it’s true we’ve doomed ourselves to perdition,
Four stanzas can give only so much grace,
But I believe with all my primordial passion,
Poetry, can help save the human race.

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