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Sunday, August 12, 2012


She cried cause the rain
Kept her a prisoner princess
While outside the waves
And the wet sand waited.

I could take no more
Of her tears, so
I placed a sand dollar
On the table in front of her.

I told her, “Break it.”
She didn’t move,
Just stared at me.
“Do it and you’ll free the doves.”

Reluctantly, because I insisted,
She pressed her thumbs
On the fragile shell’s center.
It shattered into pieces.

“Now look through
The small fragments,
Find the doves.” 
At first she refused.

Finally, with her finger,
She spread the bits of shell
And examined them.

“There are no doves…no, wait.”
She held up a fragment of shell,
With a cracking voice whispered,
“It’s a dove.”

I smiled. “I know.  It’s your dove.”
“But all I did was break the shell.”
“My dear, what you did,
Freed that dove.”

Her tears now dry,
She no longer felt
Like a princess prisoner 
On a rainy day.

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