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Sunday, March 11, 2012


While waiting for a minyan
Harry’s hand slides into his pocket.
He recalls a promise to his dead wife
As he fingers her broken gold locket.

While waiting for one more man
Myron reads about the patriarchs’ lives.
What amazes him more than anything,
Their stories were shaped by their wives.

While waiting for prayers to start
Stanley, not subtly, takes a nap,
His breathing slows as he snores,
His glasses fall into his lap.

While waiting for the tenth man
Rabbi looks out the open door.
He still sees a star in the east,
He decides to wait just a bit more.

While waiting for morning prayers to begin
Nine old men nap, read or feel a sorrow  
With no minyan they stand and pray on their own,
Rabbi shrugs, “We’ll try again tomorrow.”

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