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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Born a man
Alone In Eden
With no past,
Unable to grasp
His reality:
Prickery plants,
Shapes that moved
In the shadows,
What was real
The dagger of doubt
Or the voice in his head?

Early twilight,
The light began to change,
He noticed it before
He realized it,
The shadows were gone,
Squinting no longer helped.
Something was wrong!
He could taste sweat
With his tongue,
He felt a pounding
In his chest.

Night brought on
Confusion, then panic.
He sat on the ground
Nothing that day
Prepared him
For the darkness.
He thought
This must be death.
Lying down he slept
For the first time.

Morning light awoke him,
Faith was born.

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  1. Dad, I love this. I can really picture Adam out there in the dark. I am so glad you are blogging.