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Friday, September 24, 2010


Sarah’s eight decades
Hadn’t diminished
Her desire to be touched,
Weakened the want
Of warm lips
To press against hers or
Gentle arms around her waist
To pull her close
On a chilly night.
During their courtship
He had been a kind, faultless gentleman
Holding doors and
Standing till she was seated
Giving in to her every want and
Barely a peck on the cheek
At the end of the evening.
He’d hold her arm
As they crossed an icy street
But not her hand
As they watched the sunset.
He was her wingless angel,
A late in life partner
Set on pleasing her
Giving her trips
To the pyramids and the Panama Canal
But unwilling to touch her soft skin
As the tropic sun turned it brown.
Sarah never complained
But after he was gone
She told her daughter
She wanted
A warmer blanket.

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  1. This speaks of unfulfilled longing and gentle acceptance of the way was. It sends a message that was true in the past, is true now and probably will be in the future.

  2. I love how this ebbs and flows. Beautiful.